Building Analysis - Dome of the Rock

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Building Analysis  - Dome of the Rock
Name of Building : Dome of the Rock
Location : Al Quds, Palestine
Year of construction : A.H. 71 , A.D. 691
Materials :
  • Exterior :Glass, Plaster, Wood, Gold , Stone.
  • Interior : Mosaic, Marble, Engraved wood, Printed leather, Bronze.
Building Type : Mosque
Ruling Period : Ummayads
Distinguished Feature :  Golden Dome, Mosaic Interiors
Basic Outline Geometries : Octagonal Shape [8 sides]
Maximum Height : 35 meters

The mosque is located on an artificial platform which is known today as the (Al Haram Al Sahreef), established in the times of King Herod, The site's significance stems from religious traditions regarding the rock, known as the Foundation Stone, at its heart, which bears great significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

Historical Importance:
  • Highlight the victory of Islam as a religion that completes the preceding religions of Christianity and Judaism.
  • Compete with the other great churches established in Al Quds city at that time.
  • Celebrate the Umayyad Dynasty.

Architectural analysis notes :
Central Dome:
  • Dimension: 20 meters in diameter, 25 meters in Height.
  • contains two wooden structural ribs for extra strengthening.
  • Internal dome with 16 windows.
  • Base is placed over a circular series of arches of 4 supports and 12 pillars.
Two circular walkways separated by a group of 8 arches each containing 4 supports and 16 pillars.

Exterior features:
  • each edge of the octagonal shape is divided into 7 narrow rectangular shapes, separated each by supports.
  • Entrances in all four elevations each preceded by a lobby. 

Architectural analysis sheets for reference :

Interior Shot of the mosque

Beautiful Mosaics of plants and ornaments.

Beautiful Mosaics of plants and ornaments.

References :
-Islamic Art and Architecture, 650–1250
ISBN: 9780300088694
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