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Notable Material of choice:  Mud bricks (baked mud bricks), adobe.
Working process :
  • Utilizing ancient design methods and materials, as well as ancient architectural and town design techniques. 
  • training local inhabitants to make their own materials and build their own buildings.

Most prominent style : Vernacular architecture 
Years active : 1928-1988
Influenced by : Joseph Maria Olbrich, the Bauhaus, The Vienna Secession, Adolf Loos and Art Deco, Islamic architecture and Ornamentation such as Mashrabya ,water reservoirs and windcatchers.
Work locations : Egypt (Cairo), 
Nationality : Egyptian
Books published : 
  • Architecture for the poor
  • Gourna: A Tale of Two Villages
  • Natural Energy and Vernacular Architecture: Principles and Examples with Reference to Hot Arid Climates

Best Known for : Utilizing ancient design methods and materials such as mud bricks.
  • Aga Khan Award for Architecture Chairman's Award (1980), 
  • Balzan Prize for Architecture and Urban Planning (1980), 
  • Right Livelihood Award (1980)

New Gourna project in which he gained
an international critical acclaim for his involvement of it's construction .

New Gourna project in which he gained
an international critical acclaim for his involvement of it's construction .

New Gourna was a housing project masterminded by Hassan Fathy with the objective of re-housing the Seven Thousand people of Gourna, a village built on the site of the Tomb of the Nobles, part of the ancient cemetery of Thebes (now Luxor, Egypt). The project incorporated traditional techniques and materials and vernacular styles with the benefit of contemporary know-how, generating an economically and ecologically sustainable building ethos that was integral to the community that would occupy the village.

The Initial design of the village was for the village to include the following (the program of the village):
  • The Market building (center of the village) * the only structure that was built. 
  • Building complex for governmental services.
  • Clinical services (hospital) 
  • Police department 
  • School 
  • Workshops and Storage.
  • Housing complexes .  
Technical Drawings :

References :
يحيى الزينى - من أفكار  شيخ المعماريين  حسن فتحي

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