Building Analysis -The Umayyad Mosque

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Building Analysis  -  The Umayyad Mosque

Name of Building : The Umayyad Mosque [The Great Mosque of Damascus ]
Location : Damascus, Syria
Year of construction : 705-715A.D./85-96A.H
Materials : Stone, Marble, Tile, Mosaic.
Building Type : Mosque [Jame' جامع]
Distinguished Feature : Vast central courtyard, three square minarets, small dome resting on the South facade [ the building as a whole is giving a feel for a mixed Christian and Islamic architectural design].
Basic Outline Geometry : Rectangle in plan.
Dimensions : 100mx 157m | Height : 36 meters, tallest minaret (77 meters)
Religious Importance: an Islamic architecture innovation in which it introduced what would be the standard and most distinguished features of Islamic mosque designs for later eras/periods to come, such as the minarets and the Sahn (courtyard).

The south Facade of the mosque - The Direction of the Qibla | toward Mecca 

Architectural analysis for reference :

Mosque Dimensions 

The Sahn | Courtyard 

The three minarets of the Mosque 

Courtyard Pathways 

The Direction of the Qibla | towards Mecca 

Interior Arcades 

Central Arcade

Dome of Treasury Location 

Photo of the Octagonal Dome of treasury 

The Ummayad mosque Mosaic 

The Ummayad mosque Mosaic 

References :
-Islamic Art and Architecture, 650–1250
ISBN: 9780300088694

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