Building analysis - Mosque of Ibn Tulun

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Building Analysis  -   Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Name of Building : The Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Ţūlūn
Location : Fustat | Cairo, Egypt 
Year of construction : completed 879 A.D
Materials : Age Bricks
Building Type : Mosque
Distinguished Feature : new building techniques, free standing wall, vast land areas.
Basic Outline Geometry : Two squares and one rectangle
Dimensions :162 x 162
Religious Importance: built by Ibn Tulun, oldest mosque in Cairo.

Ariel View of | Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Pillars on the eastern side hall | Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Interior shot through the courtyard | Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Exterior walls and minaret   | Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Dimensions of outer walls and inner courtyard

Dimension of outer walls and inner courtyard 
Exterior walls and location of minaret 
References :
Islamic Art and Architecture, 650–1250 | ISBN: 9780300088694

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