Shafiq Amash Mosque, Lebanon

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Building Analysis  -  Shafiq Amash Mosque

Name of Building : Shafiq Amash Mosque, Lebanon
Architect Nabbil Tabbara
Location : Beirut, Lebanon
Year of construction : 1984
Materials : Local Sandstone, Brick classing, Glass mosaic, Terracotta tiles. 
Building Type : Mosque. 
Distinguished Feature :  

  • The use of Sandstone materials, 
  • Travertine slab walls
  • Traditional Roof tiles 
  • Design is based on variations of Square and Cubes. 

Basic Outline Geometry : Square and Cubes.
Dimensions : (Area)  200 sqm. 

The Mihrab Niche with blue and beige decorations incorporating Qura'anic verses in glass mosaic
The Ground floor plan of the Mosque 
Two main Entrances to the Mosque 
First floor plan of the Mosque
First floor plan of the Mosque | Women's Mezzanine (Prayer Hall)
Exterior view of the Mosque showcasing the Local sandstone material use 
The Mihrab 

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