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Islamic Cemetery in Altach, Austria

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Building Analysis  -  Islamic Cemetery in Altach

Name of Building : Islamic Cemetery in Altach, Austria 
Architect : Bernardo Bader 
Location : Altach, Austria 
Year of construction : 2012
Materials : Reinforced concrete, oak, wooden screens. 
Building Type : Cemetery
Distinguished Feature :  Five burial areas marked by red concrete wall designed in a lattice pattern.
Basic Outline Geometry : Regular rectangular elements. 
Dimensions : 468 sqm. 
Religious Importance: Islamic destination for the Muslim minorities in Altach, Austria 

Overall view of the Cemetery 

View of the Entrance Facade with the large wooden screen with Islamic geometric patterns 

View of the outdoor courtyard

Interior view | The prayer space 

Interior view | Gathering space 

The Project won the Aga Khan award in 2013.
The citation of the award reads in part : "Simple in expression and poetic in form, it not only engages in the natural landscape in an intelligent manner but it also suspends any notion of declaration. While emphasizing spiritual pluralism, the cemetery also provides the final destination for a minority group in a dominant society  "

Building analysis sheets :

Layout plan 
Plan | Main entrance 

*Make sure to check archdaily's blog post on the building for more images and information.

References : 
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