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The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

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Building Analysis  -  The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum

Name of Building : The Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum
Architect Jean Nouvel
Location : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Year of construction : 2013 
Materials : Stone, Steel and Glass.  
Building Type : Museum
Distinguished Feature :  A double dome | (180 meters) in diameter, perforated with interlaced patterns filtering light through (Rain of light).
Basic Outline Geometry : Regular rectangular elements with a large dome overlapping. 
Dimensions : Area63 000 m² 

"Jean Nouvel has designed a complex of buildings with level and harmonious proportions embraced bythe sea. Freely inspired by buried cities and a prototypical Oriental city, a large part of the museum complex is sheltered under the comfort of this shadow. This "medina" of rooms balances urban features and geometry like a city neighborhood, with some thirty buildings visible along a promenade. Rising up to heights of 4-12 m, they each feature a different façade decorated with a variety of piercings, combining unique transitions and passages. The museum city creates a space that plays with the multiple connections between indoor and outdoor, ever-changing and poetic, to kindle curiosity and invite visitors to explore new routes and pathways, guided by the light.

Inspired by the ancient falaj system of Arab engineering, a water channel runs through the museum, making the space into a refreshing oasis that encourages strolling along the water. Passive design techniques take advantage of the natural shape of the buildings and the properties of the materials selected to improve outdoor conditions. The museum's roof is perforated to capture daylight without etting in too much sun; light-reflecting materials in pale colors are used in construction to send heat back rather than absorbing it; reduced-flow plumbing and water facilities were selected to reduce the building's demand for drinkable water. "
- Hall Napoléon (Louvre Abu Dhabi Context, architectural design, and ambition)

Interior Shot #1 

Dome Structure | Elevation 

Section Perspetive 

Dome Structure 
Dome Construction | Read more :

Dome Construction | 4 points dome support  | Read more :

Site Plan 
Dome Location on Plan 

Entrances to Museum from land 
Interior Shot #2
References :

images © Ateliers Jean Nouvel
images © TDIC
images © Carlos Zeballos | MY ARCHITECTURAL MOLESKINE

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